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  • Senior Life Insurance

    Senior Life Insurance


    Senior life insurance is an option for those looking to get security and peace of mind. As a senior, you’ve seen quite a bit in your lifetime and you understand more than most people the importance of protecting your family. After all, you’ve worked hard over the years and you want to ensure that as time goes on, your loved ones have what they need to live comfortably without the burden of debt.
  • Consumer Information on Health Plans | U.S. Department of Labor

    Consumer Information on Health Plans | U.S. Department of Labor


    Consumer Information on Health Plans | U.S. Department of Labor - Provides consumer health plan information and guidance including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA).
  • California Medicare

    California Medicare


    California Medicare insurance gets a bad rap as something that is difficult to understand. The truth is that CA Medicare is a great program that is pretty easy to grasp once you break it down into smaller parts. You can get a set of quotes for Medicare California insurance by filling out the form at the top of this page.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans

    Medicare Advantage Plans


    Medicare Advantage plans were created to give you an option of private insurance over traditional Medicare coverage. Get a free quote now and compare your health care options.
  • No Medical Life Insurance

    No Medical Life Insurance


    We work with people of all ages and health classes to get them matched up with the best life insurance while avoiding the hassle of having to go through a life insurance medical examination.


    Specializing in high risk categories of life insurance, Root Financial has proven to be an asset to anyone who cannot qualify for preferred rates with life insurance.
  • Burial Insurance Quotes

    Burial Insurance Quotes


    Purchasing burial insurance is an important part of your financial plans. A burial policy will allow you to know that your loved ones will not be burdened with extra expenses once you pass away. When people ask us questions about this type of preneed insurance there are some questions that frequently come up.
  • | Health Insurance | Health Insurance

    Website: | Health Insurance - Publishes information on public and private health insurance options including Medicare, Medicaid, children's insurance (CHIP) and COBRA coverage.
  • Diabetic Life Insurance Solutions

    Diabetic Life Insurance Solutions


    All we do here at Diabetic Life Insurance Solutions is work with diabetics to find the lowest life insurance rates available. We advocate on behalf of our diabetic clients daily and are experts in finding the best rates for our diabetic clients. With access to over 26 life insurance carriers, we represent you and not any specific life insurance company. Securing the best life insurance rates available comes down to choosing the right agent or agency. We’re the ones that are going to pitch your risk to the underwriters, so make sure you’re working with an expert.
  • Compare Medicare Supplements

    Compare Medicare Supplements


    Taking the time to compare Medicare supplements has become a necessity for any senior either in or entering the age where you receive Medicare coverage. There are three keys to getting the best rates on Medicare supplemental insurance.
  • Senior Insurance Blog

    Senior Insurance Blog


    At United Life Group, we specialize in Senior Life Insurance plans from ages 50-86. We help our clients understand their options with various major life insurance companies, and educate them on the different plans available based on their age, health status and more.
  • California Medicare Advantage

    California Medicare Advantage


    Understanding the California Medicare advantage program can be pretty easy. The tough part is knowing what you are getting from the plans you are researching. At we are dedicated to helping people find the right Medicare Advantage California plan for their needs. You can get a set of quotes by filling out the form on this page or keep reading to learn more about California Medicare Advantage Plans.
  • CarInusrance Zilla

    CarInusrance Zilla


    CarInusrance Zilla - Provides information on state-specific auto insurance requirements for all 50 states. Also features a glossary, FAQ, articles, and company resources.

    Website: - Publishes comparisons and company reviews for automobile insurance quotes. Provides articles and detailed requirements and information available for each U.S. state.
  • Auto Insurance Reviews Auto Insurance Reviews

    Website: Auto Insurance Reviews - Reviews and opinions on auto insurance companies written by consumers, sorted by ratings and price.
  • Wikipedia - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    Wikipedia – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


    Wikipedia - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - Details legislation in reference to the PPACA, what is commonly referred to as Obamacare.
  • Car insurance News

    Car insurance News


    Car insurance News - In this blog you will learn what types of insurance exist, how to choose an insurer, where car insurance is cheaper and much more. [RSS]
  • MedlinePlus



    MedlinePlus - Provided by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health to answer consumer health questions and provide access to medical journal and news articles.
  • Health Plans & Benefits

    Health Plans & Benefits


    Health Plans & Benefits - The US Department of Labor portal for health plans and benefits. Includes fact sheets, regulations, and ERISA information.
  • Epinions: Auto Insurance

    Epinions: Auto Insurance


    Epinions: Auto Insurance - Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type.
  • Cheap Car and Truck Insurance

    Cheap Car and Truck Insurance


    Cheap Car and Truck Insurance - Offers articles and information about automobile insurance, free quotes on car insurance plus specific insurance requirements for all 50 states.

    Website: - A consumer guide for obtaining and keeping health insurance, from the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, providing information for each state and the District of Columbia. Includes a newsletter.